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mobile phone repairs collection and deliveries

Gadget Rehab – Collections and Deliveries

First of all, our hearts go out to everyone affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and to our first responders who are working bravely and extremely hard on the front lines of our community.

The current coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on our local community, from our families and friends who have had to change their way of life to our local businesses that have had to close, deal with the implications of less footfall and change the way they interact with customers.

As this situation continues to affect the local and wider community we wanted to reach out and update you on some of the measures we are taking to continue supporting our customers, partners and the local community with regards to repairs, servicing and buying of devices to support work from home interventions.

We have your back. 

Having a broken, faulty or not working device can be frustrating at the best of times. Whilst self-isolating or during lockdown this could become a nightmare as it would be the only means of communicating with friends, family loved ones and the outside world. Moreover, having a faulty device could inhibit the ability to work from home. We want you to know we have your back!

Following the PMs lastest announcement, Gadget Rehab will continue to remain open however all repairs and sales will be completed on a strict courier collection and delivery service only. It is very important that our customers read and adhere to our guidelines below.

New bookings and enquiries:

If you require a quote or repair you will need to call us on 01494534008, email or request a quote online. Once booked in we will organise a collection date and time. Your device will then be returned back to you after completion. We aim to continue our usual service level agreement and turnaround times of which can be found here.

Aftercare support, completed and outstanding repairs:

For those who have repairs outstanding, once completed we will give you a call to take payment and arrange a courier to drop your device(s) back to you. For those with devices that have already been completed and awaiting collection a member of our team will call to arrange delivery. Please do not make your way to our store as you may be refused entry. For any aftercare support enquiries please contact us on the details below.

The courier service:

For customers that are local to us, our courier service will mainly be carried out by Gadget Rehab workers. So rest assured your devices will be in safe hands. We may also use other local trusted courier services from time to time.

You will be given instructions on how to pack your device and any labels that need to be attached to the packaging before collection.

It is important that you are at the collection/delivery address during the period booked otherwise additional fees may apply.

More from us: 

Gadget Rehab would like to continue offering our service and supporting our customers during these difficult times however we have to implement some measures that will allow us to continue offering our service. It is important that our customers try and help us by understanding the reason for our changes and following our guidelines above. This way we can continue offering this service for the foreseeable future. Again please do not attempt to visit us in-store as you will be refused entry.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we will keep you updated should there be any changes with how we are supporting our customers moving forward.

Tel: 01494534008

macbook liquid damage repair

Waterproof Devices – The Real Truth!

Are electronic devices waterproof?

Most newer devices boast to have waterproof functions - however this is quite misleading it seems. Whilst some newer devices are built to handle liquid better than previous models they are certainly not waterproof. 

So why do manufacturers say that they are?

Large manufacturers can be quite misleading with their marketing approach when promoting the waterproof function of their devices. The truth is no commercial mobile phone or tablet to date is fully waterproof. 

How is water resistance measured?

Water resistance is measured by its IP rating (Ingress Protection).  IP ratings take into account the level of resistance to dust and liquid. With regards to the liquid element of the rating this is scored from 1 - 9.

An IP rating of 1 would indicate a device that can withstand vertical droplets of rainfall falling onto its surface for 10mins. The amount of water corresponds to 1mm per min rainfall. That’s the equivalent of 10mm of water in 10 mins. A very tiny amount. 

A level 9 water resistance rating can withstand powerful water jets at close distances of 0.1 - 0.15m. This is also tested at high water temperatures above 70 degrees celsius. This is your highest electronic water resistance rating. 

How they get away with it?

The play is on the word waterproof. If a device has an IPX1 rating, legally this device is water resistance so you can market your product as being waterproof or water resistant. However as detailed above a device with an IPX1 rating can only withstand 10mmn droplets of water over a 10minute period on its surface. 

So you go to the beach or into the shower with your device, mislead that your device is waterproof.  Lo and behold your device stops functioning properly. You are now left shocked and confused. You even start to think the fault is unrelated to the fact that the device was immersed in liquid. 

Below is an  iPhone 8 that has come into contact with liquid. Waterproof according to the manufacturer so explain how liquid has penetrated through to the logic board?

iPhone 8 liquid damge repair
Unrecoverable iPhone 8 Logic Board.

What do I do if my device comes into contact with liquid?

Well first of all DO NOT put your devices in rice. The rice tale is a myth that I wish I could pull from every blog and video on the internet.

Take your device to a reputable repair company that has good experience and understanding with how to assess, diagnose and repair liquid damaged devices. I know of one called Gadget Rehab if you would like a recommendation.

Gadget Rehab has huge success rates (approx 80%) recovering data from liquid damaged devices and can often also recover the device itself depending on the extent of the damage. 

Lastly, read our blog Liquid Damage - The do's and the dont's. This will give you a firm understanding on what to do immediately after your device has been in contact with liquid. 

How to check your Macbook battery health.

Is your Macbook battery not lasting as long?. Typically the average user can expect their Macbook battery to last 2 years. After which you may start to notice that the battery does not perform as optimally as it did before.

The good news is. Batteries can quite easily be changed in your Macbook and at very affordable prices. So please do not give up on your Macbook just because you're not getting the 10 hours that Apple promised you when you first purchased it.

To check your battery health on your Macbook navigate as follows. Click the Apple icon on your destop (top left). Find and click "about this mac". Find and click "system information". Search for power. You should then see something similar to the image below.

Macbook Battery Health Check
Macbook Battery Health Check

A device will have 80% of its capacity once it has reached 1000 cycles. By Apples standards your battery is actually categorised as consumed once it reaches 1000 cycles. See Apples Blog.

At Gadget Rehab we would not advise to take Apples advice for gospel by change your battery when it reaches 1000 cycles. Especially if it is still operating OK  at this cycle level. However if you are experiencing battery related issues and your cycle count is over 1000 it may be best for us to have a look into this for you.

Another good indicator is the battery condition status. This should say normal however if you notice any other warnings then it may be best to have a professional look into this for you. Even if the count is showing less than 1000.

If you feel that your Macbook could do with servcing or you require your battery to be changed. Please give us a call on 01494 534 008 or get a quote online.



If you are a keen PC Gamer it is important that your PC is cleaned at least once per year - some may even recommend much shorter intervals depending on the gamers usage and playing environment.

Thermal Paste Application on Graphics Card

PC's that are used for gaming generally are used more than the average PC and can build up substantial amounts of dust and dirt more quickly. This can lead to performance issues as the dust is often built up within the fan and heat sink which can cause the CPU and other vital components not to be kept as cool as they should be for optimal performance.

Moreover the thermal paste that is applied to keep the CPU cool can often become brittle in texture rather than smooth and soft. This may mean that the CPU is overheating which can result in system failures.

How often thermal paste should be reapplied is hard to confirm as it will depend on the quality of the thermal paste used initially by the manufacture or the last place that serviced the machine however if you are system cleaning every 6 - 12 months then this should be changed during this service.

Graphics Card Cleaning

If you feel your system needs cleaning please get in touch with us and we will arrange a booking with you. Tel: 01494534008

Gadget Rehab is proud to say that we are in partnership with local colleges, opening doors to students who are looking into entering the IT/Business or Consumer Electronics Repair Industry. 

At the moment we have two students who have chosen Gadget Rehab to be the place in which they conduct their work experience. Nathaniel has been with us for two weeks and has been such a great help to the team. He has picked repair skills in an impressive time frame, he has even been trusted to work on customer devices without much supervision.

Our second work experience team member is Max, he is doing an extended work experience, in line with the future plans here in the UK making BTEC students have a 45 day work experience. So Gadget Rehab was happy to assist the Department Of Education in their future plans for students. Max works here one day a week, each week learning something new or building upon skills that he has been previously been taught.

If you are a student looking to do some work experience feel free to contact us on;

Phone - 01494 534008

Email -