Oops, have you had that nightmare moment when your phone drops in the toilet, bath, sink or has it happened whilst on holiday, when you decide not to jump in the pool but change your mind after a few drinks, completely forgetting about Mr Mobile... Well at Gadget Rehab we have heard it all and have had great success rates with water damaged devices. With the latest equipment and ultrasonic cleaning facilities Gadget Rehab can increase the chances of the recovery of your device and its data which is the most valuable of all. Particularly after that amazing holiday you were having and all those cherished photos taken prior to the incident.

Don't panic we are here to help. 

We always advise to get water damaged devices in to us asap. Ideally within 48 hours of the incident and as much as its tempting do not try to power your device on or attach the device to any mains.  Although your device may seem dry it is likely that components are still wet inside and by applying power you can further damage your device.

DON'T WASTE YOUR RICE! - the myth of leaving your device in rice after it has been wet is a famous tale that has circled the internet and has caused misconceptions due to the utterly convincing and persuasive blogs and videos out there advising to do so. Please please, please save your rice for Sunday dinner. You may however be better off with silica gel packs, the missus, may have plenty of these, they are often found in shoe boxes and can help suck moisture. Rice in fact can help cause even more damage so avoid. Please read our article liquid damage the do's and the dont's to understand what best to do.

Water damage repairs start at £36.00 for smartphones and £48.00 for tables and laptops. The first stage of the process which includes the ultrasonic cleaning of the motherboard can take up to 72 working hours. Usually your device will be functional at least for data recovery after this stage however if the damage is more extensive then we may have to move onto motherboard repair which can take a little longer. For quotes and turnaround times give us a call on 01494534008 or click the quote button below:


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