Dre Beats Headphone Repair UK

Don’t dispose of your Dre Beats/Beats by Dre headphones when they become faulty. Common faults they develop include blown or failed speaker, no output, general wear and tear, headphone jack repairs.

At GadgetRehab High Wycombe we can complete these repairs via a postal or walk in service.

Beats Headphone Repair.

Depending on the fault most repairs will cost between £36.00 – £60.00. If you are unsure of the fault or need your Dre Beats Headphone repair to be diagnosed we can do this for £18.00.

Give us a call on 01494 534 008 or get a quote via our website.


Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 DJ Contoller

We have had a few DJ controllers in for repair now and we are getting more and more familiar with their schematics and repairability.

There are several things that can go wrong with DJ controllers however we most commonly repair no power issues, CUE Button faults, Cross Fader faults and liquid spills.

Pioneer DDJ SZ2 and DJ equipment repair

It is surprising how much one of these DJ controllers can cost. This one we diagnosed and repaired recently is sold for £1900.00 so not the cheapest things to replace.

We are proud to be one of the only local/national repair companies that can offer a repair service for DJ equipment.

If you have any DJ or home entertainment equipment that require repair get in touch and we can offer you a quote over the phone or diagnostics from £15.00.

Sony Home Entertainment Speaker Repair

We recently had a Sony SA-WIS100 worth around £500,  which had suffered from damage to the HDMI Port. After careful disassembly we finally got to the logic board to view the HDMI port. The HDMI port not only had internal visual damage there was also track damage to the prints on the logic board so we had to use precision microsoldering and create jumpers to secure the connection back to the board. This project went well and the customer was very pleased with the outcome saving him £100s from having to replace the unit.

Do you have a Sony Entertainment System in need for repair?

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