Google Pixel Repair Price List

The table below gives a guide price to the most common repairs completed for Google Pixel Smartphones and mobile phones.


Key facts about your repair:

  • Original Google Pixel screens.
  • OEM Internal Parts Used.
  • Same Day Service or Whilst You Wait*
  • Quick Turnaround Times.
  • Booking Required.
  • Experienced Technicians.
  • Highly Rated Locally and Nationally.
  • 12 Months Warranty*.

If you have a Google tablet (tab) that requires repair then please give us a call on 01494 534 008 or complete our quotes form and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

(Original Screen)
Liquid Damage DiagnosticsLevel 1 DiagnosticsLevel 2 DiagnosticsLevel 3 DiagnosticsSoftware,Servicing and Support (PH)
Pixel£160.00£65.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£0.00£24.00£36.00£24.00
Pixel XL£190.00£65.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£0.00£24.00£36.00£24.00
Pixel 2£200.00£65.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£0.00£24.00£36.00£24.00
Pixel 2 XL£280.00£65.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£0.00£24.00£36.00£24.00
Pixel 3£310.00£65.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£0.00£24.00£36.00£24.00
Pixel 3 XL£325.00£65.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£0.00£24.00£36.00£24.00

Internal Replacements: These are components just as cameras, buttons and switches, charge port, speakers, proximity sensors, vibrating motors. This does not include microsoldering or any motherboard repairs.

Multiple Repairs: Repairs on the same device at the same time can be given a discount of up to £15.00 off the total repair cost.

Turnaround Times: To know the turnaround times for your repair please click hear or ask a member of staff.

Business customers  with more than 10 devices please call to speak with Daniel Beckford to discuss trade prices and discounts.

All Prices include VAT (Updated June 2019).

If you are unsure of your device or have any questions please give us a call on 01494 534 008.