Samsung Galaxy Repair Price List

The table below gives a guide price to the most common repairs completed for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and mobile phones.


Key facts about your repair:

  • Original Samsung screens.
  • OEM Internal Parts Used
  • Same Day Service or Whilst You Wait*
  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • Booking Required
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Highly Rated Locally and Nationally
  • 12 Months Warranty*

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet that requires repair then please give us a call on 01494 534 008 or complete our quotes form and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

(Original Screen)
Back Glass
Housing Replacement
Liquid Damage DiagnosticsSoftware, Servicing and Support (PH)MSC
(Minimum Service Charge)
*All Prices include VAT (Updated April 2019)
Samsung S Series
Galaxy S5 G900£160.00£25.00£48.00 + Part£24.00£36.00£36.00 £24.00
Galaxy S5 Neo G903£145.00£25.00£48.00 + Part£24.00£36.00£36.00 £24.00
Galaxy S6 G920£160.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£48.00£36.00£36.00 £24.00
Galaxy S6 Edge G925£190.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£48.00£36.00£36.00 £24.00
Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928£205.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£48.00£36.00£36.00 £24.00
Galaxy S7 G930£155.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£48.00£36.00£36.00 £24.00
Galaxy S7 Edge G935£220.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£48.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy S8 G950£220.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£60.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy S8+ G955£235.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£60.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy S9 G960£234.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£60.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy S9+ G965£255.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£60.00£36.00£36.00£20.00
Galaxy S10 G973TBCTBCTBC£60.00TBC£36.00TBC
Samsung Note Series
Galaxy Note 4 N910£165.00£25.00£48.00 + Part£48.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy Note 8 N950£270.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£48.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy Note 9 N960£290.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£60.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy Note Edge N915F£215.00£58.00£48.00 + Part£60.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Samsung Galaxy J Series
Galaxy J3 2016 J320£110.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy J3 2017 J330£110.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy J5 J500£105.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy J5 2016 J510£120.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy J5 2017 J530£125.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy J6 J600£120.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy J6+ J610£120.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy J7 J710£140.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy J7+ J730£140.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Samsung Galaxy A Series
Galaxy A3 A300£115.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A3 2016 A310£120.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A3 2017 A320£130.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A5 A500£120.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A5 2016 A510£125.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A5 2017 A520£140.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A6 A600£120.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A7 A700£145.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A7 2018 A750£120.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A8 A530£135.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Galaxy A9 A920£150.00£48.00£48.00 + Part£36.00£36.00£36.00£24.00
Internal Replacements: These are components just as cameras, buttons and switches, charge port, speakers, proximity sensors, vibrating motors. This does not include microsoldering or any motherboard repairs.

Multiple Repairs: on the same device at the same time can be given a discount of up to £15.00 off the total repair cost.

Turnaround Times: To know the turnaround times for your repair please click hear or ask a member of staff.

Business customers  with more than 10 devices please call to speak with Daniel Beckford to discuss trade prices and discounts.

If you are unsure of your device or have any questions please give us a call on 01494534008.

Dre Beats Headphone Repairs

Don’t dispose of your Dre Beats/Beats by Dre headphones when they become faulty. Most faults that they develop include blown or failed speaker, no output, general wear and tear. @GadgetRehab High Wycombe we can complete these repairs via a postal or walk in service.

Beats Headphone Repair

Depending on the fault most repairs will cost between £36.00 – £60.00. If you are unsure of the fault or need your Dre Beats Headphone repair to be diagnosed we can do this for £15.00

Give us a call on 01494 534 008 or get a quote via our website.

Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 DJ Contoller

We have had a few DJ controllers in for repair now and we are getting more and more familiar with their schematics and repairability.

There are several things that can go wrong with DJ controllers however we most commonly repair no power issues, CUE Button faults, Cross Fader faults and liquid spills.

Pioneer DDJ SZ2 and DJ equipment repair

It is surprising how much one of these DJ controllers can cost. This one we diagnosed and repaired recently is sold for £1900.00 so not the cheapest things to replace.

We are proud to be one of the only local/national repair companies that can offer a repair service for DJ equipment.

If you have any DJ or home entertainment equipment that require repair get in touch and we can offer you a quote over the phone or diagnostics from £15.00.

If you are a keen PC Gamer it is important that your PC is cleaned at least once per year - some may even recommend much shorter intervals depending on the gamers usage and playing environment.

Thermal Paste Application on Graphics Card

PC's that are used for gaming generally are used more than the average PC and can build up substantial amounts of dust and dirt more quickly. This can lead to performance issues as the dust is often built up within the fan and heat sink which can cause the CPU and other vital components not to be kept as cool as they should be for optimal performance.

Moreover the thermal paste that is applied to keep the CPU cool can often become brittle in texture rather than smooth and soft. This may mean that the CPU is overheating which can result in system failures.

How often thermal paste should be reapplied is hard to confirm as it will depend on the quality of the thermal paste used initially by the manufacture or the last place that serviced the machine however if you are system cleaning every 6 - 12 months then this should be changed during this service.

Graphics Card Cleaning

If you feel your system needs cleaning please get in touch with us and we will arrange a booking with you. Tel: 01494534008

Has your laptop stopped charging or has your DC In Charge Port been damaged or become faulty.

Don't panic your laptop may not have succumbed an instant death and Gadget Rehab may be able to recover this for you.

Laptop DC In Charge Port Repair

Give us a call to diagnose and repair this issue and hopefully we can get your device back up and running as quickly as possible.

Apple iPhone 7/7Plus 8/8/Plus home button repair only £49.00. Using Bluetooth capability this JC Home Button will allow your home button to work as a button again however it will not correct Touch ID failure. This service is designed to save you the cost of having to replace your entire screen or device through Apple service centre.

If you fancy trying this repair yourself we sell these on our partner site for £25.00. Alternatively call us on 01494 534 008 to book a repair.


Traktor Kontrol S4 Repair

The Traktor Kontrol S4 was brought to us by a customer who works as a DJ for Wycombe Sound. He was having difficulty with this mixer as it was not being found by computers when connected via USB. 

Our technician Paul diagnosed the issue with this device and concluded that there was an issue with the USB Controller IC, after identifying the issue this controller was replaced, and the device was reassembled. Our Wycombe Sound DJ is now happy and back to keeping us tuned. 

Do you require DJ equipment repair but not sure who or where can do this. Give us a call and we will try our best to assist you.


MEADE LX200 Telescope Repair


This week at Gadget Rehab the technicians have been tackling a unique repair on an MEADE LX200 Telescope. The customer brought it to us as it was not powering on which is apparantly quite a common issue with these telescopes. Having already been to a few other repair shops and also attempting a repair himself. Gadget Rehab was his last stop.

After diagnostics of the device we found that a couple of the Tantalum Capacitors had been faulty as well as the time delay fuze. After replacing these compoenets Paul (the technician working on the device) spent the morning testing the device. The customer was very happy with the repair and is looking forward to going back watching the stars and close by planets.

New this device would cost £19,500 so would have been a shame to have given up on it or thrown it away. In a society where there is a throw it away attitude here at Gadget Rehab we try our best to repair all gadgets so if you have an random repair such as the telescope or otherwise please contact us and we will try our best to help.

CCTV Box Repairs High Wycombe

Here at Gadget rehab we have seen an increase in CCTV box repairs. It is often difficult to find a CCTV repair company as not many companies offer a CCTV repair service and given that the cost of these surveillance systems can go into the 1000s it is probably worthwhile getting them repaired rather than replaced if possible.

At Gadget Rehab we have taken the time to conduct  a vast amount of research into possible CCTV security repair services. We have found that a number of people are having CCTV connectivity issues this is usually a board level issue and luckily for you is a service we can offer.

Another issue customers are having is with the CCTV box not powering up. On a few occasions we have seen that there has been some signs of life or that the device lights up with continuous and annoying ‘beep’.

CCTV are an important part of security to many people so if you are having any issues please feel free to contact us on


Phone - 01494 534 008