DJI Mavic Pro Drone Crash Repair

Project Drone DJI Mavic Pro repair started @ Gadget Rehab following an accident with a tree branch.

We recieved this DJI Mavic Pro shortly after the incident, unfortunately a little CPR or band aid could not ressurect this one as its left wings had broken and the front camera mount plate had snaped from the elastic support, leaving it needing quite extensive surgery.

We managed to get the original parts from a supplier on our approved supply list and we had a good idea as to what was needed to get this one back up and running. Having got to the stage of disassembly we then thoroughly realised the extent of the damage and the further work that would be required to get this one flying again. Given this drone cost over £1000.00 brand new, despite the extent of the damage it was still very economical to get this repaired rather than replaced.

Parts Required: Gimbal Yun Vibration Damper Mount Plate and Replacement Motor Arm Front LEFT With LED (Pilots Left!)

Requirments for repair: Various Precision Tools, Micro-Soldering Cababilities, Parts, good understanding of electronic dissassembly and reassembly and alot of old fashioned patience.

Gadget Rehabs Repairability Rating: We would give the Mavic Pro a 3/10 for repairabilty. Whilst these DJI Mavic Pro Drones are very well designed and of high quality  it certainly needs a professional to complete repairs on it properly.  The average person may find it difficult even if following the best YouTube DJI Mavic Pro repair guides or iFixit guides. Moreover micro-soldering is required.

Take a look at the damage and internals within the image below. We will shortly be uploading an in flight video to our Facebook Page. We completed the work on this repair for less than £170.00 and within 5 working days so the customer will be happy to have this back in full working order again.

DJI Mavic Pro

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