Are third party repairers finally being recognised by Apple?

What is happening?

Apple has recently launched an "Independent Repair Provider Program". Qualifying companies will have access to Apples genuine parts, tools, resources, diagnostic and service guides. This will support their out-of-warranty repairs for issues such as battery replacements and screen repairs.

Where is it happening?

The scheme will initially roll out in the US. However, Apple has already trialled this in the UK so it is highly likely that the UK will shortly be undergoing the same rollout. This is a good opportunity for the UK market as not only would it make Apple customers feel more confident with their repair it will also allow qualifying independent businesses to gain more customers.

When is it happening?

This is happening now. There have been trials of over 20 stores in the US and also some within the UK. This is not a rumour and it shows that Apple is serious about this implementation. If you are a US third party repair company I would suggest that you apply asap if this is of your interest. UK repair companies should keep an eye out for future news on this topic. Apply Here.

Why is it happening?

According to Jeff Wilkins, Apple's chief operating officer. “When a repair is needed, a customer should have confidence the repair is done right. We believe the safest and most reliable repair is one handled by a trained technician using genuine parts that have been properly engineered and rigorously tested.”

How is it happening?

This will be applicable to both big and small third party repair companies. In the US it is only available to established companies rather than individuals. There are various verification documents and from what we can tell the scheme will only be available to businesses operating commercially rather than residentially. To see more details of this program please see our source links below.

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macbook liquid damage repair

Waterproof Devices – The Real Truth!

Are electronic devices waterproof?

Most newer devices boast to have waterproof functions - however this is quite misleading it seems. Whilst some newer devices are built to handle liquid better than previous models they are certainly not waterproof. 

So why do manufacturers say that they are?

Large manufacturers can be quite misleading with their marketing approach when promoting the waterproof function of their devices. The truth is no commercial mobile phone or tablet to date is fully waterproof. 

How is water resistance measured?

Water resistance is measured by its IP rating (Ingress Protection).  IP ratings take into account the level of resistance to dust and liquid. With regards to the liquid element of the rating this is scored from 1 - 9.

An IP rating of 1 would indicate a device that can withstand vertical droplets of rainfall falling onto its surface for 10mins. The amount of water corresponds to 1mm per min rainfall. That’s the equivalent of 10mm of water in 10 mins. A very tiny amount. 

A level 9 water resistance rating can withstand powerful water jets at close distances of 0.1 - 0.15m. This is also tested at high water temperatures above 70 degrees celsius. This is your highest electronic water resistance rating. 

How they get away with it?

The play is on the word waterproof. If a device has an IPX1 rating, legally this device is water resistance so you can market your product as being waterproof or water resistant. However as detailed above a device with an IPX1 rating can only withstand 10mmn droplets of water over a 10minute period on its surface. 

So you go to the beach or into the shower with your device, mislead that your device is waterproof.  Lo and behold your device stops functioning properly. You are now left shocked and confused. You even start to think the fault is unrelated to the fact that the device was immersed in liquid. 

Below is an  iPhone 8 that has come into contact with liquid. Waterproof according to the manufacturer so explain how liquid has penetrated through to the logic board?

iPhone 8 liquid damge repair
Unrecoverable iPhone 8 Logic Board.

What do I do if my device comes into contact with liquid?

Well first of all DO NOT put your devices in rice. The rice tale is a myth that I wish I could pull from every blog and video on the internet.

Take your device to a reputable repair company that has good experience and understanding with how to assess, diagnose and repair liquid damaged devices. I know of one called Gadget Rehab if you would like a recommendation.

Gadget Rehab has huge success rates (approx 80%) recovering data from liquid damaged devices and can often also recover the device itself depending on the extent of the damage. 

Lastly, read our blog Liquid Damage - The do's and the dont's. This will give you a firm understanding on what to do immediately after your device has been in contact with liquid.