Project Drone DJI Mavic Pro repair started @ Gadget Rehab following an accident with a tree branch.

Gadget Rehab recieved this DJI Mavic Pro shortly after the incident. Unfortunately a little CPR or band aid could not ressurect this one.

The left wing had broken and the front camera mount plate was snaped from the elastic support. Leaving this patient needing quite extensive surgery.

However we were hopeful.

Gadget Rehab ordered the original parts from a supplier on our approved suppliers list and we had a good idea what was needed to get this one back up and running.

We got to the stage of disassembly when we thoroughly realised the extent of the damage and the further work that would be required to get this one flying again.

This drone cost over £1000.00 brand new. Therefore despite the extent of the damage it was still very economical to get this repaired rather than replaced.

Parts Required: Gimbal Yun Vibration Damper Mount Plate and Replacement Motor Arm Front LEFT With LED (Pilots Left!).

Requirments for repair: Various Precision Tools, Micro-Soldering Cababilities, Parts, good understanding of electronic dissassembly and reassembly and alot of old fashioned patience.

Gadget Rehabs Repairability Rating: We would give the Mavic Pro a 3/10 for repairabilty. Whilst these DJI Mavic Pro Drones are very well designed and of high quality  it certainly needs a professional to complete repairs on it properly.

The average person may find it difficult even if following the best YouTube DJI Mavic Pro repair guides or iFixit guides. Moreover micro-soldering is required.

Take a look at the damage and internals within the image below. We will shortly be uploading an in flight video to our Facebook Page. We completed the work on this repair for less than £170.00 and within 5 working days.

The customer will be happy to have this back in full working order again.

DJI Mavic Pro.

Have you cracked the back glass on your Apple iPhone. Apple iPhone devices from 8 upwards have the been fitted with glass on the front and back glass. Not to worry we have the cure and can have your iPhone looking fresh again within no time.

We complete these repairs on a same day service so you wont be without your device for too long. Prices start from £90.00 so get in touch and have your devices looking great again.

iPhone X back glass repair

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How to check your Macbook battery health.

Is your Macbook battery not lasting as long?. Typically the average user can expect their Macbook battery to last 2 years. After which you may start to notice that the battery does not perform as optimally as it did before.

The good news is. Batteries can quite easily be changed in your Macbook and at very affordable prices. So please do not give up on your Macbook just because you're not getting the 10 hours that Apple promised you when you first purchased it.

To check your battery health on your Macbook navigate as follows. Click the Apple icon on your destop (top left). Find and click "about this mac". Find and click "system information". Search for power. You should then see something similar to the image below.

Macbook Battery Health Check
Macbook Battery Health Check

A device will have 80% of its capacity once it has reached 1000 cycles. By Apples standards your battery is actually categorised as consumed once it reaches 1000 cycles. See Apples Blog.

At Gadget Rehab we would not advise to take Apples advice for gospel by change your battery when it reaches 1000 cycles. Especially if it is still operating OK  at this cycle level. However if you are experiencing battery related issues and your cycle count is over 1000 it may be best for us to have a look into this for you.

Another good indicator is the battery condition status. This should say normal however if you notice any other warnings then it may be best to have a professional look into this for you. Even if the count is showing less than 1000.

If you feel that your Macbook could do with servcing or you require your battery to be changed. Please give us a call on 01494 534 008 or get a quote online.