Gaming PC Repair UK

Today we had a Vibox PC in for repair where the power supply had failed.

There was a bang and some smoke on the pretest as a result of the failed components on the power supply.

Having experienced this surcharge we decided it was best to quote the customer for a new power supply rather than trying to fault find and repair the existing one.

Vibox Gamers PC Repair

Anyone that has changed a power supply on a PC will know how long this takes. Especially when the previous build has poor cable management.

It took our technician from start to finish just over 2 hours including testing to get this sorted. It now starts perfectly with no smoke, bangs or surcharges.

Our service includes cleaning all components and applying new thermal paste. If you have a PC that requires repair, whether it is used for gaming or general use. Give us a call on 01494 534 008 or complete our quotes form.