XBOX and PS4 repairs @Gadget Rehab


Have you jammed your PS4/XBOX port in too far or have you thrown your device out of frustration during game play?

Here at Gadget Rehab we are here to help get you back in action with our PS4 and XBOX connector repairs!

This includes:

  • HDMI – video connector
  • Auxiliary- used to connect PS4 camera etc.
  • GBLAN – ethernet connector
  • Power Inlet – where the power should cable will be connected

The prices of the above repairs depend on the issue severity of the damage but start from £44.99 inc VAT

We turnaround these repairs within 5 working days. Express 24 hour service available for an additional £12.00 subject to part availability.

For further information please feel free to contact us:

Phone – 01494 534 008 or  Email –

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Could it be true????

Have we reached a point in society in which Technology is taking over!!!

Amazon is due to Open 6 more Cashier Less stores !!

Yes!! what a crazy thing to think,  going are the days of having to que and pay. In the new amazon stores everything is chipped meaning you just grab and go - literally - the store will automatically charge to your associated amazon account. It knows what you have through the use of various different technologies.  From the weight of your basket to sensors placed around the store.

Don’t fret, this new store only replaces the cashiers however they still have people who stock shelves clean etc. but for how long? Until they make robots that can complete those tasks efficiently.  

Want to know more? Follow the link below.

Amazon Go Store

Water damaged devices are a common occurrence. In the following mini document I will be discussing what to do when your device encounters liquid damage.

Scenario - taking that perfect summer beach photo for your Instagram, and oops! Your phone slips out of your hands and into the water it goes. You quickly take it out give it a shake and “wow!” it’s still working…

What do you do?

A - carry on using as usual.

- put it in some rice overnight just in case

C - switch it off and take it to a professional asap.

If you answered A. then sorry your wrong!

Water can get into your phone in seconds, and even if it continues working this water can start to cause some serious issues to your board. Why? Because when the electrical currents running through the device mix with the water it starts to cause shorts and  corrosion.

You may not see the effects of this immediately however sometimes even months later,  you will start to have issues. By which point you have forgotten about the water damage, and may put the blame on something else (if taken to a professional they should be able to diagnose the issue and determine the extent of the damage). The cost to do repairs (if at all repairable) at this point will be higher than if you choose the right answer.

If you answered B. then you are also wrong!  

Despite what you may have been led to believe by rumors/superstition rice does NOTHING in regards to helping resolve the issue at all. In fact in most cases it can cause more damage than help. As the granules can get jammed in ports e.g. charging.

When water damage occurs sometimes your screen may go black, what a lot of people do is leave it in rice overnight and then put the device on charge - expanding on my previous point, water and electricity do not mix well! All this does is become a catalyst to creating shorts and further corrosion of your device, even though it may turn back on all that is going to happen is a repeat of why (A.) was also wrong.

So if A. and B. were wrong then C. is of course the right answer!

Yes if your device has water damage take switch it off and take it to a professional asap!

  1. Your first step post water damage is to power down the device.
  2. Take it to a technician as soon as possible.

Do not attempt to charge the device or use it in anyway as this as mentioned can cause shorts, fry the on board chips and kick start the corrosion.

The technician will open the device and assess the extent of the damage, they do this by checking over the board and all major components. The tech will then start the ultrasonic cleaning process.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is process in which a ultrasonic frequency is put through a specially formulated solution. What this does is create millions of microscopic bubbles which are of roughly up to 45 degrees celsius. which aggressively pop therefore resulting in a clean board.

The process

The technician will disconnect the battery from the board and then begin the disassembly  of the device. After they have removed the board they will dry it using compressed air. They will then look through a microscope to examine the board in depth to see if they can spot any corrosion that may have already taken place.

Their next move is to place the board in a ultrasonic cleaning solution using a special PCB cleaner.

They will then remove the board from the ultrasonic tank and the clean any deposits with IPA.. The technician then have another detailed look at the board under the scope to ensure the ultrasonic wash has been completed successfully. If you are lucky you will receive a call saying your device is ready to be collected.

In some cases the board has extended damage so you will be advised on what the best option for you to go forward would be. This could be having to change a few components on the board or some other components such as the screen etc

Here at Gadget rehab our repairs are conducted in a safe, secure and professional manner. Our technicians are experts in their particular fields. All repairs go through a 4 eye checking process to ensure the best outcomes.

Gadget Rehab complete liquid damage repairs on smartphone, tablets, PCs and Laptops. Prices start from as little as £19.99 and take up to 5 working days.

So if your device has encountered any form of liquid give us a call on: 01494 534 008 or email:

Turnaround times to suit you.

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There are some really low quality replacement glass digitizers on the market and at Gadget Rehab we were surprised to see just how low some of these qualities were. If your looking for a cheap quick fix then these low quality digitizers may just do the trick however for most customer that are looking for high quality replacements its always best to do your research and look for repair centres that offer high quality AAA or original glass digitizers replacement. Our video shows the difference between a really low quality digitizer and one that is of high quality.

We have been in the repair business for over 5 years now and understand what quality means to our clients so we have found the best suppliers for replacement digitizers and are so proud of the quality we offer a 12 months warranty on all Apple iPad digitizer replacements. 

Need a repair?


Lets Speed Things Up…

Lets Speed Things Up…

Many of our customers are having issues with their MacBooks, Laptops and PC’s running slow, taking long to opening applications and just in general taking longer to complete simple tasks.

This could be caused my many things.

We suggest you run  on your device; this will show you the speed of your Central Processing Unit (CPU) amongst other variables.

Speed test for Macbooks, PC's and Laptops.

Once completed save your results and send them to us we can then recommend ways to improve your laptop/desktops performance. In many cases we will be able to make these improvements which should result in a spike in your devices performance.

For more info contact us on:

Office – 01494 534 008

Email –

iMac/MacBook Cleaning

It can be surprising the amount of dust that can come out of an iMac or Macbook. After months or years of usage dust can cause internal component to slow, reducing your devices performance by  up to 100%. 

At Gadget Rehab the technicians will air dust your device, free of charge, as part of the SSD upgrade or internal repair service.  If you require cleaning only prices start from only £34.99.  

Dust storm during cleaning process
Shiny iMac after full clean

Call us on 01494 534 008 for more information. on our Mac repair service. 

iMac/MacBook SSD upgrade

Work experience Haleem takes on the Big Mac!

During my week I was invited to assist the team to complete an iMac SSD upgrade.  My supervisor ‘Daniel Beckford’ took me through the upgrade step by step; we also discussed how this upgrade would improve the performance of the iMac dramatically. This is due to it being a digital hard drive rather than the standard mechanical hard drive.

Below is a picture of me removing the screws, (don’t worry; I was actually looking where I was screwing, I just posed for the camera 🙂

Haleems Work Experience Jan 2018

Gadget Rehab can upgrade your Macbook hard drive to an SSD on a quick turnaround so contact us now for quotes and more information.

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Haleem’s week @ Gadget Rehab

Hello, my name is Haleem; this is a short blog about my work experience week at Gadget Rehab.  Allow me to introduce myself; I am currently a student at the Buckinghamshire College Group (Amersham Campus). I am studying Information Technology @ L3 (90 credit) diploma. I am also Ex Deputy Head Boy of The Highcrest Academy (my place of secondary education).

My week at Gadget Rehab has allowed me to develop my repair skills, with the support of the GR team who taught me about individual components and their functions, they did this by allowing me to shadow a member of the team during a few iPhone, Samsung, Tablet and iPad repairs. I was also trained on how to use the system, create customer accounts, booking appointments. Moreover, reviewed repair guides and worked in customer service providing quotes via email, telephone and face to face.

I also posted a campaign on LinkedIn to promote the company’s future plans in B2B partnerships. After a review of 2 days we can see that the campaign has run successfully with over 200+ views

Campaign for B2B repairs.