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iMac/MacBook Cleaning

It can be surprising the amount of dust that can come out of an iMac or Macbook. After months or years of usage dust can cause internal component to slow, reducing your devices performance by  up to 100%. 

At Gadget Rehab the technicians will air dust your device, free of charge, as part of the SSD upgrade or internal repair service.  If you require cleaning only prices start from only £34.99.  

Dust storm during cleaning process
Shiny iMac after full clean

Call us on 01494 534 008 for more information. on our Mac repair service. 

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iMac/MacBook SSD upgrade

Work experience Haleem takes on the Big Mac!

During my week I was invited to assist the team to complete an iMac SSD upgrade.  My supervisor ‘Daniel Beckford’ took me through the upgrade step by step; we also discussed how this upgrade would improve the performance of the iMac dramatically. This is due to it being a digital hard drive rather than the standard mechanical hard drive.

Below is a picture of me removing the screws, (don’t worry; I was actually looking where I was screwing, I just posed for the camera 🙂

Haleems Work Experience Jan 2018

Gadget Rehab can upgrade your Macbook hard drive to an SSD on a quick turnaround so contact us now for quotes and more information.

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Haleem’s week @ Gadget Rehab

Hello, my name is Haleem; this is a short blog about my work experience week at Gadget Rehab.  Allow me to introduce myself; I am currently a student at the Buckinghamshire College Group (Amersham Campus). I am studying Information Technology @ L3 (90 credit) diploma. I am also Ex Deputy Head Boy of The Highcrest Academy (my place of secondary education).

My week at Gadget Rehab has allowed me to develop my repair skills, with the support of the GR team who taught me about individual components and their functions, they did this by allowing me to shadow a member of the team during a few iPhone, Samsung, Tablet and iPad repairs. I was also trained on how to use the system, create customer accounts, booking appointments. Moreover, reviewed repair guides and worked in customer service providing quotes via email, telephone and face to face.

I also posted a campaign on LinkedIn to promote the company’s future plans in B2B partnerships. After a review of 2 days we can see that the campaign has run successfully with over 200+ views

Campaign for B2B repairs.